By: Gianna Moscetti, Leah Semper, Bella A. Fernandez


RedRover was founded in 1987. It’s a charity that protects and helps animals in need. “RedRover focuses on bringing animals out of crisis and into care,” (Charity navigator). RedRover is located in Sacramento California. They care for animals rescued from puppy mills and from an abused environment. This program is a trustworthy charity because 79% of their funds goes to their program. RedRover also offers Financial aid to dog owners that can’t afford to pay for surgeries or medication for their dog. This program's goal is to strengthen the bond between animals and humans, they try to teach animals to learn to trust again.

Mission Statement

"RedRover brings animals from crisis to care and strengthens the bond between people and animals through the following programs: - RedRover Responders. Our volunteer team shelters and cares for animals displaced by natural disasters and reconnects them to owners. We also shelter and care for animals rescued from puppy mills, hoarding cases and other significant abuse situations. (Formerly Emergency Animal Rescue Service) - RedRover Readers. We help children explore the bond between people and animals through stories and discussion. (Formerly Humane Education Ambassador Readers) - RedRover Relief. We provide guidance and financial assistance to help pet owners, Good Samaritans and animal rescuers obtain urgent veterinary care. (Formerly LifeLine Grant Program) - RedRover Reporters. We encourage people to watch for and report situations of abuse and neglect. We offer financial incentives to encourage witnesses of animal cruelty to come forward"(Charity Navigator).

What is the Issue or cause that your charity supports?

RedRover focuses on helping animals recover from a poor situation. People are not treating animals with the care they should be getting. All around the world animals are treated poorly. Animals have very little power because people take it away. Animals have a hard time trusting people because of previous experiences. In addition are forced to live in stressful and terrible conditions. RedRover saves sad, lonely animals from puppy mills. When animals are kept in captivity they become distressed and angry. An example of animals being kept in captivity is at zoo’s when they can’t get out in the wild and live a real life.

“RedRover brings animals from crisis to care and strengthens the bond between people and animals.”(RedRover) This is saying that they help animals that are in bad conditions and help them re-bond with humans. This affects our world because animals are living too and make up a large population of our world. (Animal Rights,26) Animals that are not being cared for properly can turn out to be mean and not wanted.(Do animals have rights?,12) Animals deserve to live a good life without fear and RedRover helps do that. If organizations like RedRover stop helping, eventually there won’t be a lot of animals left.

How did the organization begin to grow into what it is now?

Red Rover is a charity that helps animals that are in poor condition. This charity was founded in 1987 by Nicole Forsyth. Red Rover stands in the sunny California. This charity helps animals that are being mistreated and to help animals find a bond towards people again. They bring animal out of horrible situations and save pups from Puppy mills. Since 1987 “Red Rover has been offering soft and warm hands to scared and hurt animals” (Charity Navigator).

“We encourage people to watch for and report situations of abuse and neglect. We offer financial incentives to encourage witnesses of animal cruelty to come forward”(Charity Navigator.) Red Rover is always encouraging people to stand up and say something if they see pets being hurt. Lots of Red Rover staff have seen so many horrible events happen to animals in the past so now they are trying to reduce the abuse and neglect. Red Rover has grown throughout the years, into a small rescue center to a reliable rescue center that many people go to with their pets for help and support.

What does your chosen charity do for the community?

Red Rover is a charity that saves pups from Puppy mills.This charity is located in California. They raise lots of money from fundraisers to care for the sick and hurt animals. 79% of the Red Rover funds goes to their charitable causes (charity Navigator). Red Rover is very reliable for helping and giving money to animals who need it. This program is full of volunteers from all over the country.They make short videos and spread the word from friend to friend to try to raise awareness and help.

Without Red Rover, animals around the country will be lonely and hurt, scared and confused. Red Rover helps dogs to learn to trust again and feel happy. Dog owners who can’t afford to pay for their animals when they are sick, they go to Red Rover to get the support that they need. Red Rover always has a good amount of highly classified trained people to help out, many High school students volunteer at the front desk and their are really good doctors their so people's dogs are in safe hands. This charity pulls dogs out of horrible situations and brings them in for the safety and warmth that they deserve.

How Effective is this charity in accomplishing its goals?

Charity Navigator rated RedRover 96.80 which is four stars. RedRover funds their programs with events. Some of their main programs are called “RedRover Responder, RedRover belief, and RedRover readers”(RedRover). These programs fund for animals being abused or something like puppy mills. “RedRover is caring for 295 dogs rescued from Arkansas puppy mill” (RedRover).This shows that RedRover is caring for dogs and other animals.

RedRover is very trustworthy with their money. 79% of their money goes to their programs which is $1,480,644. On their fundraisers they spend $173,191. 11.7% of their money is spent on administrative($220,148). So now you know that RedRover is trustworthy with other people's money. Also you know it is not being used for personal uses it is being used for animals being mistreated. RedRover spends their money on helping animals recover and taking care of them.

Call To Action

If you want to learn more or donate you can go to Every day dogs are dying of abuse and hunger and they deserve better. Help them learn to trust again. So that is where you can help them.

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