Tierra Templada

land of eternal spring

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Most of the Tierra Templada region's crops are grown on small farms and plantations, so you know you can enjoy the fresh taste of home grown foods. If you're thirsty, you may need to drink a warm cup of delicious, high-quality coffee. In the lower levels of this region you will want to eat fruit, such as bananas and oranges.
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a local farming crops


Because this region is known for having pleasant weather, you can be comfortable wearing only a t-shirt, shorts, and sturdy sandals. The climate is very mild and ideal for outdoor exploration, so don't worry about being too cold or even too hot!
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a tourist visiting Tierra Templada


Its tropical climate is great for exploring and and farming. You can help out local business and go to the market to buy citrus fruit, coffee, corn, potatoes, etc. You can check out the flowers grown there that are sold in America, Also, you can hike along the exotic trees and plants in the tropical mountain range.
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farm land in lower region of the Andes Mountains


Most locals live in simple concrete houses, but some live in larger homes called Haciendas.
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concrete houses in a neighborhood