Rehearsal - March 9th

Bring It!

With a show title like "Fierce" we better be ready to BRING IT to rehearsals. Being Fierce begins in your rehearsals on Sundays and your rehearsals at home.


Be prepared to rehearse "Boy," "Love on Top" and "Endangered Species." Listen to these songs and begin picking up your harmonies. Your vocal parts will be the same as your vocal part in the pool mash up.

Solos for "Boy" will be determined at rehearsal. Be prepared to sing through the solo lines so we can determine who will be singing what.


Be prepared to review "Radioactive," and "Story of My Life." You may even begin blocking/choreography for these numbers. If you have been given a solo in either of these numbers, please be off book.


Be prepared to review "Pool Mashup" & "Anything."

Who's singing this week?

Our lucky performers this week are...

Jeff - Happy

Jenn - Love Me

Each week we will have someone perform their song for could be next!

See You Sunday @ 2pm