Assisstive Technology

How it helps!

What is Assisstive technology?

Assistive technology is any type of device that may be used to aid someone who has a disability of some type. This can go along with any type of disability a person may have such as hearing, visual, learning disabled, and physically disabled. All four of these categories are associated with the students of our schools. Assistive technology can include “specialized devices” that are “high-tech” or “low tech” devices.

The Law

Assistive technology was first introduced by the federal government when the government recognized the need for these technologies that certain students had in 1997 in the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. The act was “revised in 1997 and revised again in 2004”. The act says that schools have to allow assistive technology for any of the special education students. The school has to ask if there is an assistive technology tool for a student, and if there is then the school has to provide the correct and adequate services to that student.