Son Of Neptune

A mythological book by Rick Riordian

"A half a mile away stood Hubbard Glacier. Even Hazel, who'd seen glaciers before, couldn't process what she was looking at. Purple snowcapped mountains marched off in either direction, with clouds floating around their middles like fluffy belts. In a massive valley between two of the largest peaks, a ragged wall of ice rose out of the sea, filling the entire gorge. The glacier was blue and white with streaks of black, so that it looked like a hedge of dirty snow left behind on a sidewalk after the snowplow had gone by, only four million times as large."

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Visit Hubbard's Glacier, which hosts the world's beauty!

Hubbard's glacier is a beautiful place. As described above, Hubbard's glacier has "purple snowcapped mountains", with "fluffy clouds" above them. The glacier has unique colors, and is very big. You can visit there with a boat. As shown in the picture above, it has a lot of different colors such as dark blue, light blue, and brown. The slogan is used to show that the Hubbard's glacier is one of the world's beauties. It is such a beautiful place because of all of the landmarks you can see there and how vast the glacier is. It is very unique as it has a glacier and a mountain joined together. The climb to the top of the mountain is very fun. On the way, you can see the exciting view of the glacier beneath you and the ocean meeting the glacier. On the hike up, you can see polar bears. The sight of these polar bears can boost up your excitement.