Kitchen Safety

Preventing Cuts

How People Get Cuts While cooking

Sh*t, Da*n, and Owe are things what most people would say when they're being careless with knifes in the kitchen. I normally say owe instead of shot and darn but that's just me. People get these cuts because they lack knowledge, but that's why I'm here to help you! There's many ways people get cut such as : Using their hand to cut food, or catch a falling knife, use cracked plates and glasses, and one of the most important ones! Swinging your arms while you have a knives in your hand it's just asking for someone to get hurt.

How To Prevent Cuts

Now since we talked about how cuts are made it should be easy to understand how to prevent them. Like for example : Use a cutting board not your hand, store knives in a knife block, rack, or drawer divider, use only knives for food and food only, wash knives one by one don't try to do them all at once it will most likely give you a cut on your hands which is something no one wants.

By Rishod D Lovejoy