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Weekly Focus

MHS Weekly Focus is on Dialectical Journals

Dialectical Journals allow students to record their thought in preparation or a discussion with a partner, small group or entire class. This can take place in all subjects and at any time. This allows students and teachers to make connections with what they know and identify misconceptions. The following is a list of activities that students may do to interact with lecture notes, text, or video. With each activity students should divide their papers in half and place notes on the right side. They should then be instructed to respond to these notes on the left side in one or more of the following ways:

  • Create a graphic organizer(s) to visually represent the major ideas.
  • Write a one-sentence summary to capture the main idea.
  • Explain the significance of a particular piece of information.
  • Make an inference in terms of what a fact suggests about the time period, event, etc.
  • Create an analogy to show similarity between the relationships.
  • Develop a “what if” statement that speculates what might have happened if an event had not occurred or had occurred differently.
  • Make a connection to a similar event, which may have occurred recently or in the past.
  • Turn the title, heading, or subheading into questions.
  • Create new titles, headings, and subheadings for each section.
  • Write a simile or metaphor for an idea, event or person.

MHS Expectations and Dress code

Please take a moment to view and adhere to the 2016-2017 expectations and dress code for Manor High School.

Let's keep up the presence in the hallways and rigor in the classroom.

Be sure to keep it Fair Firm and Constant at all times

Let's make this the best year ever.

Congrats to the King and Queen

This week at the Manor High vs. LBJ homecoming game we crowned a new king and queen.

Please join me in congratulating them as you see them around the school

Special Thanks to Mr. Renferd Joseph and the Fine Arts Department

MHS would like to thank our Director of Fine Arts Renferd Joseph for bringing us an amazing performance from TSU Ocean of Soul.

Please take the opportunity to view some of the highlights from this amazing evening

We also had great performances from Mr. Jenkins and the Manor High School Choir, Ms. Garcia and the Highsteppers, Mr. Medina and the MHS band, Mr. Rogers and the WAMM nation drumline as well as our cheerleaders led by Ms. Hempe.

Thank you guys for all of your hard work


Ms. Morris School Spirit

Pep Rally

Big image

School Spirit Really Took Over MHS This week

Spotlight: New to Manor High School

Manor High School Welcomes Kevin Collins to the team

  • Born and raised in Austin, Texas
  • Graduated from McCallum High School (1996)
  • Enlisted in the United States Marine Corps (1996)
  • Graduated from Liberty University with a B. S. in religion (2006)
  • Received Commission in the United States Marine Corps (2007)
  • Operation Enduring Freedom: Afghanistan (2010-2011)
  • Became a reservist after 15 years of active duty (2011)
  • Texas State Trooper (2012 - 2013)
  • Austin Police Department (2013-2014)
  • Travis County Constable's Office Precinct 1 (2014 -2015)
  • Texas Service Life Insurance Company (2016)

I'm the father of one child; he lives in Virginia with his mother.

Manor High School

Manor High School will create a community of responsible, empowered, global citizens and lifelong learners in a safe learning environment of mutual respect and trust that nurtures students-responsibility, embraces diversity, and instills respect through the provision of rigorous and technology rich curriculum. Every student will be engaged and challenged to learn, grow and accomplish academic, social and vocational goals for the future.