4th Grade Band Updates

Building a strong foundation!

We have been learning skills that will help us be successful musicians. At this point your child should know how to put their instrument together and make sounds on their instrument. In most lessons, we have learned how to read the fingering chart. This shows us where to put our fingers to play specific notes. We already know what quarter notes and quarter rests are from music class.

This week most lessons will be working on playing numbers 1-10 in the book using good technique. Your child should use the book to remember what fingers to put down for each note. If they are struggling with something, that's ok! Learning an instrument is brand new to most children, and certain concepts may take a few weeks to fully understand. You can help your child be more successful and confident by coming up with practice times that work for your family, and giving them encouragement while they are practicing.

Lesson Books

If you have not sent in the $10 for the lesson book, please do so. Please send it to the school office in an envelope with your child's name on it, and my name on it. If you have any questions please send me an email. amarmelstein@htsd.us
Tips for helping your beginning band student.

This PDF comes from the National Association for Music Educators. It has suggestions for how to help your child be successful in band.