2/15/16 - 2/19/16

Mon Feb 15, 2016

Presidents' Day - No School

4:30pm 6th Grade Boys Basketball - gym

6pm 6th grade girls basketball - gym

7:30pm Jr. High Softball - Limes

Tue Feb 16, 2016

Random Acts of Kindness Week

10:30am Fire Drill

2:30pm Post Office Delivery

3:30pm BGSU Student Teacher Interviews

4:30pm 5th grade Girls BBall - Hillsheim

6pm 5th/6th Grade Girls Basketball - gym

6pm Girl Scouts - commons/Library

Wed Feb 17, 2016

9am 4th Grade Curriculum Mapping

12:30pm 5th Grade Curriculum Mapping

4:30pm 6th Grade Boys Basketball - gym

6pm 6th grade girls basketball - gym

6:30pm Daisy Scouts

6:30pm Girl Scouts, Mrs. Vollmar

8pm Jr. High Softball - Limes

Thu Feb 18, 2016

8:15am Staff Meeting

3:20pm Third Thursday Theo's Theater

4:30pm 5th grade Girls BBall - Hillsheim

6pm 4th Grade Boys Basketball - gym

Fri Feb 19, 2016

Spirit Day - Wear Orange and Black

12:20pm Recycling Pick-Up

1:30pm Teeth by Heath to Kindergarten classrooms

6pm Jr. High Softball - Limes


Fire Drill- Tuesday at 10:30am

Vicki Scott send out an e-mail reminding everyone to sign up for their American Fidelity Meeting. Please make sure you do this. Her e-mail includes directions for how to sign up.

We have confirmed the Ohio Writing Project will be coming for Otsego University this year. We will be in two groups PK-2 and 3-5. We are very excited about this opportunity!

A great place to find some research based reading materials is at the Florida Center for Reading Research ( www.fcrr.org )

This would be a great place to start looking for different materials you can use to support the Literacy Framework. If you need help navigating through the site, please see Katrina.

Please remember to wear tennis shoes tomorrow for our Safety Training.

Thank yous

Thank you teachers, Bonnie, and Adam for making our "Student of the Month" a success.

Thank you teachers for opening up your classroom to parents and family members during the Valentine's Day parties. We love inviting the community to visit.