Goal Reflection

Did I meet or even exceed my goals for this course?

Learn more about the policies and laws associated with teaching

Although this subject was never fully addressed for the law side, I did learn a lot about the policy side of medical situations that a teacher may encounter. This includes all areas that a teacher may encounter such as asthma to eating disorders. I did not find out what were are suppose to know but that will become aware closer to when I will be working with a school and learning their own personal policies. I learned many ways to help teacher students with disabilities and how to adapt your teaching style to help benefit those students in their learning.

Earning an A in the course

I currently have an A in this course which means I have completed my goal for this portion. I have exceeded it in a way that I have not missed a single point through-out this course. I currently have a 100% in this course which is even more amazing!
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