Tomorrow, When the war began

By John Marsden

Prediction Based on Book cover

The book cover indicates that the book is about war and some sort of invasion due to the planes flying in formation at the top of the cover.

It also tells us that most of the book is set around a show ground or carnival, and the camouflage uniform shows that the army gets involved.


Diary Entry - Corries Dad

Dear Dairy,

It was commemoration day, I was at the showground with my wife. I swear everyone was at the show that day. Except my dear Corrie I worry about her going on that road

trip with all those boys, but I trust her she is my heart and soul.

We heard some planes fly over and knew we were in for a show, the army by the look of it. I always love the flyovers and I can name every plane in the ARMY I worked on the runway and all day I would marvel at them, I would build models of them and hang them over Corries bed when she was still a baby.

And thats how i knew that these were not ARMY planes they were some other type of plane that I had never seen. Thats when it hit me something strange was happening. I ran to the carnival office and sent through a message to home i know it sounds stupid and it was probably just nothing and when i got home i would delete it.

Thats when the trucks started coming in people with guns storming in shouting at us, babies were crying and people were screaming, they put up a cage in the middle of the grounds it looked like a fight cage. They started yelling at us in another lanaguage that none of us understood. I was scared I found my wife straight away and see had the same idea of what's going on as i did.

Prediction - What's going to happen next?

I think that when they go to live in Hell they will run meet the hermit and find out about him and the truth about his story.

- How did the characters develop during the book -


Homer was always playing around and didn't really pay much attention to anything, always getting in trouble with everyone. He then turns into a responsible team leader that is always helping out with good ideas. "Homer was wild, outrageous" (15)"Always (...) in trouble" (16)


Corrie was always quiet and is very good friends with Ellie, but as the book goes on she became a lot more brave and courageous, especially when they were taking down the bridge.

"my lifelong friend. ...Corrie was my sister. (281)


Ellie was always a leader as she was the one to organise everything and drive the car. If anything Ellie becomes more chilled out and less panicky, She develops a love for Lee which takes her minds a bit off everything that is going on. “We’ve got to stick together, that’s all I know”


Fi changed the most out of everyone and had to adjust a lot as well. At the start of the book she brings her 20 bags camping and is quite lady like, towards the end of the book she has transformed dramatically, She has stepped up into a leading role and taken a lot more responsibility then she normally would.

"She's light and graceful...the perfect person." (14)


If anything Kevin has changed at all he has become more mature, But we didn't see enough of him to see much of a change.

"typical rural. ... known for having a big ego and taking credit for everything." (14)


Robyn is quite a noble and mature person and that really shows off when you read the book. Her character developed into a more brave individual which really added to her personality.

"I always thought of Robyn as fairly quiet and serious" (13)