by Emily


Orangutans (pongo), in malay language is known as "man of the forest". These apes are the biggest tree living mammal. Unfortunately, orangutans are endangered, but not extinct, although their numbers are decreasing rapidly. They only exsist on one island in the whole world - Borneo.


With a large snout and a high forehead, orangutans are human like animals. Their appearance includes orange-brown fur, which is smooth and long. Their fur covers all of their body excluding thier face, hands and feet.

Although they are the largest aborial mammal, female orang-utans differ in size to male orang-utans. A male weighs up to 120kg and height can reach 1.5m however a females weight can scale to 90kg and can grow to a maximum of 1m. Amazingly, the armspan of these creatures can reach up to 2m- thats nearly twice their height!


An orangutan's diet consists of 90% fruit per day including figs. Spectacularly, thanks to their human like intelligence, they follow a healthy diet. They eat leaves for carbohydrates and nuts for protein. Since orangutan's have a massive fruit intake, they actually don't drink much water. Their favourite sweet treat, durian (on the left), is covered in sharp spines making it a challenge to open.


Sadly, the orang-utan lives on only one island in the world - Borneo. Orang-utans are not fussy although they prefer low fertile rainforest or jungle. High up in the trees, orangutan's build a fresh nest every day.If the orang-utan nest is brown, it is an old nest whereas, if the leaves are green it is fresh and new. Unfortunately, only 40,000 orang-utans exists in these environments today.


Orang-utans spend most of their day scavenging around for food. Although they always feed their young Before anything, Orang-utans eat immediately after they find something to munch on. They spend the rest of the day building a nest and caring for there baby.It is amazing that orang-utans imitate humans.