Edgerton Weekly #4

September 23, 2016

Lollipop Moments

Watch the short TED Talk above on Lollipop Moments. Many of you provide Lollipop Moments for our students on a daily basis, sometimes without even realizing it. Thank you for all you do.

Challenge Activity-Reach out to someone who was a Lollipop Moment for you and tell them! I did and it was really rewarding.

Responsive Classroom Reminders-Week IV

  • Do Guided Discoveries and Role Plays as needed
  • Continue modeling and practicing rules and routines
  • Practice having students work independently while teacher works with a small group

Equity in All We Do-Social Studies Instruction

This summer during MN Principals Academy we did some learning around best practices in Social Studies Instruction. As students do historical reading, they should:

  • Ask Questions
  • Find sources and evidence and evaluating them (reading multiple perspectives on accounts)
  • Make arguments and have dialogue

Here are some sentence frames that might be helpful.

Fire Marshall Inspections

Here's a note from the district regarding Fire Marshal inspections. The State Fire Marshal has scheduled his inspections in your buildings beginning October 6th, 2016. We should always be mindful of building fire safety, but I would like everyone to look for potential violations such as:

  • Items hung from sprinkler lines, sprinkler heads and fire alarm devices such as horns and strobes.
  • “Daisy chaining” extension cords and power strips.
  • Storage too close to the ceiling and within 18” of a sprinkler head.
  • Storage in front of electrical panels.
  • Blocked egress paths and exit doors.

Eliminating these simple infractions will help our inspection go smoothly.

Suspension vs. Dismissal

Recently at a Principals Meeting, we reviewed and clarified some things around student discipline. The purpose was to create a consistent guideline for the use and coding of dismissals. Here's a link to the 623 Student Discipline Policy. We talked specifically about student dismissal vs. suspension which is section 4.3.3. There was a lot of difference from one school to the next and we are shifting to be more consistent as a district. Here are some notes from our meeting.

  • Policy Language: Dismissal from school for one school day or less, except as provided in applicable federal and state law governing students with disabilities, does not constitute a suspension. In simpler terms-If we send a student home for the remainder of a school day, it would be considered a dismissal rather than a suspension. This would be a change in practice for Edgerton. There is also an exception to this rule for sped students.
  • If we send home a special education student who was denied services, it is considered a suspension. If we send home a special education who has had services it would be a dismissal.
  • Dismissals should be entered into Synergy and SWIS.
  • If the principal calls a parent with information and parent requests to come pick-up child this situation is marked as a parent pick-up. If the principal has the parent come pick up the student it is a dismissal.
  • If you have questions you can connect with me or your SIT representative. We talked through this information as a team.

PTA Update

At the PTA meeting this week we had a good turnout, including some families of color. Erica, Debbie and Lexie shared about their trip to Sri Lanka. The K Team and Joan also gave Teacher Updates. I shared a "State of the School Address" and also shared our Parents in Partnership Plan. During the meeting some parents voiced how much they appreciate the teachers sharing things on their webpages like assignments, videos and links to student work. Parents also appreciate SeeSaw and the Facebook page. They noted that it’s really helpful to see what’s happening in classrooms. Newsletters/emails are also really helpful and appreciated as well. Some parents shared it helps them to have meaningful conversation with their students. We also have a new PTA president. Rachel Coleman is our new PTA president. She has a 1st grade student named Alex and another child who will be starting kindergarten next year.


We need to find some space for TOPS. We are looking for spaces for 2nd, 3rd, and 6th grades. This would be for Monday and Tuesday mornings during TOPS. Please let me know if we could use your classroom. Also, a big thank you to Heather for all her hard work on organizing our TOPS program.

Reminders & Such...

  • Reminder-If you leave the building, please let us know so we aren’t looking for you for one reason or another.
  • Reminder-Please put dates on the calendar in the main office. It really helps with scheduling!
  • Reminder-Please remind families at conferences that we will only have one sign up this year for conferences, though we will still have conferences two times a year. We will use the same conference times in the spring that families sign up for in the fall. We will just move the fall conference times to the spring conference evenings. If that does not work for a family we can certainly make adjustments for them.
  • Reminder-If you haven't signed up to be a mentor and are interested please let me know ASAP! Today is the deadline to sign up as a mentor!
  • We have a new Volunteer Coordinator. Mollie Miller has agreed to be the Edgerton Volunteer Coordinator. She may be reaching out to some of you to help match volunteers to classrooms.
  • Also, congratulations to Mike! Mike was recently hired as the Executive Director of Summer Academy. Summer Academy is made up of 12 school districts, Roseville being one of them. Since Mike will be transitioning to a new role, we will need a new site supervisor for EDG starting next summer.