A Christmas Carol

Coming to a theater near you!

I think A Christmas Carol was a really good play and I highly recommend for you to go see it. The lighting made it all very dramatic. For example when they're was a scary or dark Scene they dimmed the lights or made they into a darker color like a red or green.In addition to the cool lighting they also had a couple of new characters which made it interesting. They had a new character named mary weather playing Scrooges house keeper. She kind of just tied everything up together. I also think that the actors did good job during the transitions. They're was a ghost coming down from something kind of like a zip line and they were having trouble but they did a good job hiding it. In conclusion all the characters did a good job of making everything seem more realistic.

Sacrifice Made

A sacrifice Scrooge had to give was being a grumpy person to being a kind person. He some of his money to the poor. He also helped people out. A sacrifice I made was I had the option to hang out with friends but I decided not because my mom was sick and I wanted to take care of her.