Are You Going To Kiss Me Now?

by Sloane Tanen


This fiction novel is about a girl named Francesca who wins an essay contest from Seventeen magazine to fly to Africa with celebrities. Meanwhile, the pilot who is an award winning actor, has difficulty flying the plane and sends it spiraling down off the coast of an island! Everyone including Francesca is now stranded on island and no one seems to have any survival skills but her. They work diligently for five days gathering food and trying to survive until a rescue team comes. During this journey, Francesca learns to appreciate her family and all the good things she has at home. After the long waited rescue she still keeps in touch with her celebrity friends and is now an editor for Seventeen magazine.
Fatal plane crash Recorded from inside the plane


One of the many ways Francesca and her crew survived on the island was by eating Coconuts. Although they had a hard time cracking them open, they were grateful they had found fruit to fill their starving stomachs.

Francesca is a red head girl with freckles and she is very insecure about her looks in the beginning of this book. Being stranded on the island gives her a little self confidence because she is catching the attention of two young males pop stars, Jonah Baron and Cisco Parker.