Climate Change

by chris

5 ways climate change is affecting our oceans.

Cloral Bleaching- Mass coral bleaching results in the starvation, shrinkage and death of the corals that support, the thousands of species that live on coral reefs.
Fish Migration- fish species have moved towards the pole in response to ocean warming, disrupting fisheries.
Drowing wetlands- rising sea levels, partly the results of heat absorbed by the ocean, is also "drowning" wetlands. Wetlands normally grow vertically fast enough to keep up with sea level rise, but recently the sea has been rising too fast for wetlands to keep to keep their blades above water.
Ocean Acidification- The ocean has absorbed about 30 percent of the carbon dioxide humans have sent into the atmosphere since the start of the industrial revolution- some 150 billion tons.
A disastrous positive feedback loop- reducing the amount of sulfur flowing out of the ocean into the atmosphere.


Covering about 70 percent of the earth surface the world oceans have a two-ways
relationship with weather and climates. The ocean influence the weather on local to global
scales, while changes in climates can fundamentally alter many properties of the ocean. For example we may melt a bunch of ice in the North Pole and it turns to fresh water. We may end up having more fresh water and may kills many fishes and organisms in the ocean since they are not used to the fresh water.
Climate Change 101 with Bill Nye
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Here is and example of how climate change is affecting not just the ocean but our world. If you don't contribute we might end up flooding all of the continents and possibly ending mankind our selfs.

How to prevent global warming

Well climate change can lead into global warming, but we can't stop it we can only slow down the process. One of the biggest ways we can stop global warming is to stop burning fossil fuels and use more windmills. When we burn the fossil fuels carbon dioxide is released I'm the air which stays within the atmosphere.

Big benefit of climate change

One of the biggest benefits is the carbon dioxide, not the pollution but the raw material from which plants make carbohydrates and thereafter proteins and fats.
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