Polar Express Day!!!

Polar Express Movie Time!

We made tickets this morning to get aboard while we used our imagination and listened to the audio version of the book, with no pictures. Now…. A little popcorn treat with our “Snowman Soup” (aka…. hot chocolate) heating in my crockpot. :) More pictures to come as the day progresses! SO much fun!!!! J

Hot Chocolate!! It was like I gave them a magic drink... haha. :)

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Conductor Hats!

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Bells, Bells, Bells!!

Oh my goodness, PRECIOUS! We got an amazing surprise today!!! We had a special delivery, just for 1st grade. It was even addressed to our class! :) Santa Clause delivered bells from the NORTH POLE, that were COLD!! It was amazing to watch all the kiddos faces, priceless. They got them while they were sitting in the "train" I made them, eating their candy cane treat. What a fun day!!
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Ahhhh... the BEST!

Bells Arrive!