Staying Safe !

By: Emily Blackburn

Staying safe on the web.

Come join us as we talk about how important it is to stay safe on the internet.

This is a great way to make sure we don't have a bad digital foot print following us around forever!

We will be having some people come up and share there stories with us.

Bring up the kids too, so they don't make the same mistake as others.

See you there!!

Staying Safe

Tuesday, July 19th, 3-4pm

Chicago, IL, United States

Chicago, IL

Tips to stay safe.

1.If you are driving and you have to answer an important phone call, you should pull over to answer it.
2. Don’t give out your information to ads that ask for them.
3. When buying something off the internet make sure that it has a padlock on the web address.
4. Before buying something on the web, you should check the reviews to make sure it's legit.
5.Don’t flame.
6. Don’t agree to meet up with anyone in person that you don’t know.
7. Keep your password a random mix of numbers and letters and symbols.
8. If you lose your phone, you should erase everything on it.