Book Review By Laura.A.Drinnan

Alice-Miranda at School

Alice-Miranda at School

Alice- Miranda at school is written by Jacqueline Harvey. This Book is a good read for girls at the age of between 8-12yrs beacuse Alice-Miranda is about the age of 8 but she is very smart.You should read this book to see how Alice-Miranda Suvives her first year of school making friends and having lots of adventures.

Alice- Miranda at School

Alice- Miranda Highton-Smith-Kennington- Jones who lives with her mum Cecelia and her dad Hugh is an only child.Her family is very weathly.She enrols herself at Winchester Field Downsfordvale School for Proper Young Ladies.

Other Recommendations

Alice- Miranda is definietly the best series to read if you are looking for a good series


JacquelineHarey has written the award winning series Alice- Miranda which now has 12 books in the series and she has also written Clementine-Rose which has 10 books in the series. Jacqueline Harvey is always working on more Alice-Miranda and Clementine-Rose books to come out for all the readers.