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Launch from the Makers of FB Admin via The Fever List #15

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This Feature List features one very special product. Mehdi Tihani and Nick Arnold are giving away their trade secrets and... Guaranteeing your success in the Digital Product business. You won't find many guarantees in this business so take heed. Through Digital Product Academy, they are offering PDF and Video content and One-on-One Coaching.

You might have seen Mehdi's FB Admin featured in your Member's Dashboard. He has truly created some phenomenal products and the fact that he is still in college, had no list when he started, and no copywriting skills, makes me a fan! Check out Mehdi and Nick's Digital Product Academy below.

Thank you and looking forward to working with (and helping) you!


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$30,000 in Product Sales, $10,000 in Affiliate Sales... in 2 Months... By A 'Newbie?!'

I didn't believe it either, but my buddies Mehdi Tihani and Nick Arnold launched Digital Product Academy to help people ACTUALLY make money online... A lot of money. Yes, they have proof. I do too... Mehdi is one of my personal mentors.

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