Jean Piaget

August 9, 1896 - September 16, 1980

Founder of child psychology.

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About him:

At first he was interested into biology but when he moved to France in the 1920's he became interested in psychology. He taught at a school when he learned that younger children made mistakes on answers older kids didn't, which made him go into child psychology "child devlopement". He had a great influence on child education. Piaget also made extraordinary contribuations in sociology, scientfic thought, and experimental psychology.


His wife was Valentine Chatenay. They had three kids, two daughters, Jacquelin and Lucienne and one son, Laurent.


He wrote over 70 books in his lifetime. His most famous one that he wrote was in 1926 called "The Language and Thought of the Child".

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Fun Fact:

He wrote his first published scientific paper at the age of ten.