A Christmas Carol

By Charles Dickens

Stave 1

In Stave 1 we met Scrooge, Nephew Fred, Jacob Marley, and Bob Cratchit.

Scrooge is an old man that gets grumpy around Christmas time. He doesn't have any family or friends, and he thinks money is the world. Jacob Marley is a ghost that Scrooge used to be good friends with, he also had chains on him with cash boxes, padlocks, and keys. He looked the same as he did when he was alive. Bob Cratchit is described as ugly, poor, and he is treated poorly by Scrooge. Fred was cheerful, generous, and kind-hearted.

Stave 2

The first ghost was a man-child. It held a candle with him and also had a metal cap. It was described as an "it" It was the ghost of Christmas Past. He took Scrooge to see an old boarding school, where he stayed alone while everyone else went to celebrate Christmas. He also takes him to a party hosted by Mr. Fezziwig. He then took Scrooge to see him as a young man and his fiancée. He realizes he likes money more than he liked her, and the relationship ended. Scrooge did not ask to end it, but he did not fight to keep her.

Stave 3

The Ghost of Christmas Present was a large man. When Scrooge was awaken by him he was sitting on a large feast. The ghost got older by the hour, and by the next day he was gone. The ghost shows him the festivity around the city. He then takes Scrooge to the Cratchet home. He see's Tiny Tim's crutch by the fireplace, and Scrooge asks if Tim will die. The ghost replies, "If these shadows remain unaltered by the future, the child will die." Scrooge is very upset about this.

Stave 4

The Ghost of Christmas future was the creepiest ghost of them all. Scrooge was most afraid of it, but he overcame his fear. The ghost showed what took place after Scrooge died.He took Scrooge by a group of men talking about a funeral. They do not really care about the funeral. He then goes to the alley, where Scrooge see's his things being sold to people for money. Scrooge is mad because they took the sheets right off of his dead body. After that he went to a dinner table, where he saw the couple that owed him money happy as can be, because they don't have to pay their debt anymore. He then goes to the Cratchit home, where he see's them struggling to cope with Tiny Tim's death. Then Scrooge is suddenly taken to his own grave, where the ghost points out his name. Scrooge begs the ghost to undo these things, Scrooge promises to honor Christmas for the rest of his lifetime.

Stave 5

In stave 5, Scrooge wakes up in his bed. He is amazed the ghosts did all of it in just one night. Scrooge looks out of his window and sees a boy. He asks him what day it is, and the boy thinks he is silly. Scrooge tells him he is serious, so the boy tells him it is Christmas day. Scrooge then goes around and spreads cheer. He is as happy as anyone could be. I think the moral of this story is to not be so down and grumpy. Live life happy because you only get one.
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