Interior Designer

By: Sresha Ventrapragada

Who are they?

Interior Designers are the people who furnish and decorate the insides of buildings with furniture. This career is in the Arts, A/V Tech, and Communications cluster.


They communicate a lot with other architects and clients or people outside of the organization, get information, think creatively, design and draft illustrations, and travel to different places.

Salary Range

National: $26,380 - $84,900 Average: $52,100

Texas: $28,780 - $84,840 Average: $51,470

Pros of the Job

  • Flexible Hours
  • Often get to work at home
  • Do what they love
  • Meet new people
  • Creates comfort

Job Outlook

The employment of interior designers are projected to grow 13% overall from 2012 to 2022.

Best Colleges

  • College 1- Academy of Art University

    • Cost Per Year: $18,840

  • College 2- University of North Texas

    • Cost Per Year: $6,534

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