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Mabry Montgomery


I think friendship is very important. My friends teach me kindness, security, how to forgive and forget, what's fair and what isn't, and what it means to be a true person in this world.


A hobby of mine is singing because it feels natural. I sing all day and that's kind of one of my only hobbies. A sport I play is Lacrosse and I really like playing and the teamwork my Lacrosse team can accomplish.

Favorite Vacations/Activities

I'm very competitive so (almost) any activity I can get my hands on I will do my best to win. But for vacations I like to go to hot or cold places like California or Montana. My grandparents have a house in California and used to have one in Montana so I really like those places.


I actually don't have any but I used to have pets. Like turtles, fish, and one time I even won crawfish from my teacher (they were class pets) and I kept it as a pet. I technically have had a dog stay with my family since my cousin lived with us for a few months and she had a dog (and it wasn't trained).


I like to babysit kids for a job. I to be honest have only babysat my cousins since I'm not certified to babysit yet but I'm starting training so I babysit.


I went to Pre-School at Valley Ranch Baptist Church, Elementary at Wilson Elementary, Middle School at Coppell Middle School West, High School (most likely) at Coppell High School, and College to be determined.

Interests and Values

I'm a Christian so I value God, family, friends, and my church. And I'm interested in debate, singing, teaching, and photography.

Plans For The Future

I think I'll play it out and hopefully I'll roll my dice right. But I definitely want an education and kids and a husband.


My Favorite Singer/Band: One Direction

My Favorite Movie: Soul Surfer

My Favorite TV Show: Pretty Little Liars (same for my favorite book)

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