The Archives War

The point of views of Angelina Eberly and Sam Houston.

How It Started

The Mexicans were very upset when they found out about the Lamar Administration. They were so mad that they decided they could raid the cities San Antonio, Goliad, Refugio, and Victoria. Supposedly the Mexican army's general was returning to Mexico with his troops. Sam Houston got word and took immediate action. Houston and the people of Austin were afraid that they would be attacked so Houston ordered that all government records, or archives, to be moved back to the former city capital, Houston. The residents of Austin opposed, or were against his idea. They feared the idea of Austin no longer being the Capital. They thought Houston would be the capital once again. Sam Houston did not bother to listen to the people and started to load the records on wagons. Angelina Eberly, a Austin resident, took action against Houston's move. This woman took a cannon and fired right at the wagons. This startled the loaders and they stopped right away.

After The War

Vasquez and his men never actually attacked Austin. However, A General by the name Adrian Woll and 1,400 troops later attacked San Antonio on the date September 1842. Hundreds on the Texas Militia attacked back on the Mexican army. Adrian Woll's troops were located at a creek called Salado Creek. Mexican troops soon retreated, but did bring along a few captives.