Harriet Tubman Poster

BY Olivia Pullen

Harriet Tubman Conductor On The Underground Railroad

This novel was created by Ann Petry during times of hardships and discrimination.

The Book

The settings in the book are many plantations and cabins where the slaves lived and worked. The information written in this book happened during the 1800s.This book is about the life of Harriet Tubman and how she helped guide slaves to freedom.


Araminta Ross of Harriet Ross was born in 1820 in Tidewater Maryland. Harriet Ross was born on the Edward Brodas's plantation with an unknown date because many of the slaves did not know how to write. Araminta's parents were Harriet Greene called Old Rit and Benjamin Ross.

Araminta's childhood

As a child Araminta was called Minta or Minty. She was hired out many times. When she was eleven, she began wearing a yellow bandana and started hearing of the underground railroad. Once when a slave tried to run away, Minta blocked the overseer and was injured forever when she was hit with a two- pound weight in the middle of her forehead. That injury caused her to fall asleep at any given moment. From then on she was no longer called Minta, she was called Harriet.

Harriet's adult years

In 1844 Harriet Ross married John Tubman and became Harriet Tubman. Later she ran away from the plantation without her husband and became free in Pennsylvannia. From there on Harriet began helping with the underground railroad, guiding people to freedom.
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