A Wrinkle in Time

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A Wrinkle in Time

Meg's dad went on a mission. A top secret mission that no one knows about. Mrs.Murry and Mr.Murry would always send letters to each other since they had no other way of communication. One day the letters stopped coming. No one knew how and no one knew why!

Next thing you know three new mysterious old ladies comes and lives in their neighborhood, and theres something odd about them. Their witches! But their good witches.

Sooner or later Meg, Calivin (her new friend), Charles, and the three witches went to Camozota to find Meg's father and save him. When they find Mr.Murry they find that theirs something possesing Charles now. IT has him. They try to find out how to stop IT without hurting Charles or risking and losing their own lives. Would they come back to their regular life after they save everybody or would no one know what happned to them after the last time they left and seen them.

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