Cellphones in the Classroom


What to expect...

Cellphones can be a disruption, but can they also be useful educational tools? In this fast-paced smackdown session, come ready to share ways in which you currently would like to see cellphone used in the classroom for educational purposes.

Resource list is being UPDATED as session notes are compiled!

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Resources Shared by Participants

Aurasma Augmented Reality App

Multi-platform app to easily create "auras", or augmented reality with the use of a smartphone or other mobile device.

Formative Assessment Tools

Turn your smartphone into a portable & affordable scanner

The following apps allows you to turn your phone into a tiny scanner.

Remote Control for your computer

Turn your smartphone into a presentation remote or a remote control for your computer. Also, some of these apps also double as an interactive whiteboard/slate.

Video, Audio & Screen Capture/Casting Apps

Notes/annotation Apps

Random Other Awesome Uses for Cellphones in the Classroom

Articles About Using Mobile Devices in the Classroom