1920s Art

Conner Ertel, Clint Underwood, Leslie Vaughn, Cooper Harter

Culture Shock

  • Art Deco, which caught on in America in the late 20s, is significant for many sharp turns and zigzags, along with using things like metals in the pieces as well
  • Surrealism was also born in this are, which can be characterized by its extensive use of some... odd imagery which has stayed a part of art even to this day!
  • Georgia O'Keeffe was a famous artist of the time who broke away from the traditions created in general art. She was able to do something unique and has become a painting legend.
  • On the writing front, John Steinbeck wrote ideas of the progressive movement at the time. He was able to capture the way every man worked
  • Frank Lloyd Wright built 4 textile block houses, which was considered revolutionary at the time.
  • Broadway musicals and ragtime become very popular due to their catchy nature that captivated the masses.
  • The camera technology was improved causing photography to become one of the most relatable visual representations 1920s culture.
  • The movie industry grew greatly during the era due to the introduction of films having audio integrated with the video.
  • Charlie Chaplin, a well known actor of the era, invented the idea of slapstick humor which is still one of the most famous forms of comedy even to this day.
  • Edna St. Vincent Millay was a poet of the time and her poems written impacted the way people thought about things like poverty and women's rights in such a way that no one thought of before.


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