Andrew Jackson

Mia Rampton Social Studies Period 4

Was President Jackson a Hero or a Villain?

Some people may say. "Jackson was a hero. He promoted democracy!" Some may oppose that statement and say, "He was a cruel individual who forced Indians out of their homes!" I think that he was a bit of both.


President Jackson grew up just like the common people. This helped the common people who understood their views. Most people favored the rich. After all, they did have a lot of the money. Jackson tried to stop the rich from having all the power. He closed down the Bank of the United States because he believed it favored the wealthy more than the common people and farmers. In the election of 1828, Jackson received a lot of support from the common people.

The idea of a Jacksonian Democracy is good, in my opinion, but I also think it could be bad. If the common people ruled the government, the rich would be treated unfairly. I think the government should be a combination of both- rich and poor.

Trail of Tears

Jackson didn't think much of the Indians. The government formed treaties with the Indians, trading territory for land. The Cherokees, Creek, Chickasaw, Choctaw, and Seminole were the Five Civilized Tribes. The Five Civilized Tribes had started changing their way of life to try and stay in their land. The Indians were forced out of their homes because of the treaties. The Indian Removal Act continued, even after many protests. I would have thought that we should stop it.
Although he did good things, President Jackson also did some cruel, unjust things. If you consider the good acts, he was a hero. If you only choose to focus on the bad, then he was villain. It all depends on how you decide to see him.