Miranda Wahby

Best Education Experience: Listening to guest speakers in middle school discussing reasons why they were put into prison. I liked hearing real stories about real people and it surprised me that they would take the time out to talk to our school. I also really enjoyed watching plays in middle school. I went to Rollings Middle School of the Arts, so oftentimes, we would would called out of class to go watch plays, or piano recitals, or dance recitals. Sometimes, I would be involved in performing with my Chorus class in musicals or tap dance performances.


Best Friend: Jimmy, who is also my boyfriend. He listens to my every complaint and has the patience to deal with me even on my rough days. He is my biggest supporter and always makes me laugh. :)

Important People: Well, once again, Jimmy. My family, my mother and father... my dog Ozzie. My friend Daniela who has been someone that I have been able to talk to about anything for many years!

I chose my major because I was in a situation where I was just going to school and obtaining degrees, but had not received a bachelor's degree yet. Out of the majors I looked into, Early Childhood Education seemed safe and obtainable to me. I also knew that I enjoyed the company of children, but as I learn more about education, I am interested in learning about all of my options before settling in.

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