Dutch ( Netherlands)

Wakhaila Cheeks

Fact Sheet on Dutch Culture ( Social Norms )

* Family

· Most families on have 1 or 2 children

· Their also very private, hardworking, and disciplined

* Customs

· Grettings are with handshakes no matter the age accompanied by a smile and your name

* History

· 1516 - King of spain Charles V inherits the Netherlands

·1648 - The war with spain ended causing Dutch to reclaim their independence

* Clothing

· There's not any specific style it can vary from each region

· Simply Jeans sweaters and t shirts are popular just what type of accessories you ise to make it your own with a nice pair of footwear

* Food

· Not very big on culinary culture due to lack of ethnic absence of tradition. Throughout the years many famous foods have been

- Pea soup

- Kale stew


· They are many ones that are ysed but the most commons used are,

- Boterham ( sandwiches )

- Klokhuis ( apple core )

In the dutch culture they are able to choose who they want to marry also a lot of the way they do thibgs rr taken from the europeans and the western world.

* Fun Fact

· Ice skating is a big thing they like to so