Mrs. G's Classroom News

November 13, 2015

Classroom Management

I missed everyone while I was away and I was greeted with a big huge hug from the class when I returned! Mrs. Burdiak reported that the kids did great when I was gone and she was sad to leave! My grandfather's memorial turned out beautiful and I appreciate your patience and kind words as I spent time with family to celebrate his life. It means more than you know!

I enjoyed meeting everyone and discussing your child's progress at the parent-teacher conferences. Thank you for attending and remember if you have any questions or concerns for my as the school year progresses, please contact me anytime. Email is best!

Great places to find out more about what is happening in the classroom are: and follow @mrsg3rd on twitter!

Please note that we have allergies in our classroom and it would be greatly appreciated if birthday treats to be shared with students did not have a high concentration of food coloring or BHA and BHT preservatives. If you could avoid those things it would be great! Don't worry we have back up treats for students with allergies just in case!

Writing Workshop

This week we learned about nouns - common, proper, singular and plural. We also finished our letters to those we admire and we are now ready to move on to our next unit. We will be writing one more personal narrative and Mrs. G expects this next published piece will be even better than the first!

We shared our first personal narratives with Miss Massard's classroom. The kids enjoyed celebrating their writing accomplishments and seeing how other third grade writing looks like.

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Reading Workshop

Students started book clubs this week. We are meeting in small groups and analyzing characters in books that are at our just right level. Mrs. G has enjoyed working in these small groups to hear children read and to have the opportunity to emphasize reading strategies that each individual child needs work on. Most clubs finished their first book and will be moving on to their second book next week.

Word Work

We started Unit 8 on Tuesday this week. Students learned about the /S/ sound and the different letter(s) that make that sound. We have completed our digital citizenship lessons for now (they will be addressed again later in the year) and we are ready for our first BYOD day very soon. Next Friday, after we have had the opportunity to create a contract and list of expectations, students can bring in their own device (ipad, Ds, ipod, tablet etc.) with your permission to work on during the day for educational purposes. I will teach them how to use it to record notes, use apps that are related to our curriculum and play online games. If your student does not have a device, or you are not ready for them to bring one to school - no problem! I will have plenty of extra that can be shared!


We are working hard on unit 3. Students learned about perimeter, area and more measuring. We had math stations for lesson 6 and the students enjoyed many hands on activities as they worked in small groups. The test for unit 3 will most likely take place at the end of next week. Look for a study guide coming home soon. More help with this unit, especially for parents can be found at:


We finished up our science stations on the concept of light energy this week. Students participated in stations that included experiments with flashlights and lamps, a wonder on the speed of light, Brainpop Jr. animated videos and interesting text and read a picture book. Students became familiar with vocabulary for this unit which included transparent, translucent, opaque, refraction, shadow and reflection. We talked about natural light sources and artificial sight sources and of course played a game of Kahoot to test our knowledge.

Social Studies

We read the wonderful picture book called, "H is for Honor" to celebrate Veteran's Day this week. We also learned about one of my first students, Charlie Rubin, who has served in Iraq. We tried to Skype with him, but unfortunately our technology was not cooperating. He promises to come in the beginning of December so the kids can meet him in person and discover what he experienced while serving his country.

We also started my favorite unit about Michigan's First People. I look forward to have students learn all about Michigan Native Americans. It is going to be fun!

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