Fifth Grade Newsletter

February music making

Chords are the focus of music classes, as students learn about harmony and the chords needed to accompany Camptown Races. They are playing chord names on the Orff instruments, changing bars at the appropriate times. Next step is to add the harmony, which requires thinking of so many things at once – chord names, beat, the notes that belong in each chord, singing the words, knowing when to change chords – it’s a brain buster!

Fourth and fifth graders will be attending a concert by the Louisville Orchestra on Tuesday, March 8 at the Brown Theatre. In music classes, students have been learning about some of the composers whose music they will hear. We’re also discussing how different venues have different expectations for audience behavior.


A big thank you to the fifth grade Tech Assistants who helped with the filming of the "Colonial Games." All of the fifth-graders worked so hard to bring these Revolutionary War characters to life in front of the green screen, and chose great backgrounds to enhance their script. If you haven't seen the videos yet, you're in for a treat!




Social Studies

The Patriots won the war, America was established, and immigration abounds! Thanks so much for helping your child learn about his or her family's immigration story. We are making personal time-lines to see what a melting pot America is. We will also explore what the future holds. Note-taking skills are being taught during our lessons on Native Americans' turbulent relationship with Western Expansion. The West capitals and postal abbreviations are being studied in March to prepare us for April's big test over all 50 states - woo hoo!
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Fifth graders packed in a wide variety science activities during January and February. We were all entertained by the variety of natural disaster presentations through the creation of student designed Google slide shows and the creative natural disaster models add color and stories to be told. When asked which students felt they could be leaders in Lego Robotics from their experiences in fourth grade, almost all hands went up. Our students are so willing to help each other build and program the Lego Robotic devices, it makes one proud. This year the children were challenge to create a new Lego model and try their hand at the use of various sensors. We have an amazing number of tech savvy and future mechanical engineers in the fifth grade! Officer Amy from Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Conservation program, returned with strategies for water safety and information on Camp Earl Wallace’s summer program. She always brings us good information and food for thought. Did you know Kentucky has one of the few Fish and Wildlife conservation camps in the country? If you are looking for an affordable and fun-filled camp for your children this summer, keep Camp Earl Wallace in mind. The last week of February and first week of March our fifth graders will find themselves taking on the role of forensic scientists as they study fingerprints, hair sample, counterfeit money, and solve crime mysteries. Stay tuned for our upcoming introduction to the wonderful world of chemistry coming mid- March!

Math- Exploring Data

Students have been busy collecting, organizing, and analyzing data this month. We have practiced finding those all important data landmarks of mean, median, mode, and range. Additionally, students have explored what a good sample of data looks like. (We know that surveying people who walk into the YUM Center to find out favorite basketball teams may not be the best sample!) We have had some interesting discussions about data!

Our next unit focuses on exponents, powers of 10, scientific notation, order of operations, and working with positive and negative numbers. All great topics for pre-algebraic students!

MATH MORNINGS on Tuesdays in March! Come on in for extra support or practice! See you at 7:20!

Language Arts

February Highlights:

We discovered there are 17 prepositional phrases in "The Yellow Submarine" and 41 in "Lucy In the Sky with Diamonds."

We met Newbery author Katherine Applegate! Here is a list of some of her most memorable quotes:
  • Being a writer is great. I'm paid to be a liar and a slob!
  • Asking me what my favorite book is is like asking me who my favorite child is. I love all books and I love my children. I can't choose just one.
  • Write stories that make you happy.
  • Writing is like carving something out of stone. You have to edit and take out.

We all did a great job on the Battle Book projects. Check out some of them in the pictures below.

Service Learning

The Service Learning leaders (Pye, Aidan, Jackson R., Claire, Sally, Carmen, and Cole) would like to remind you of some upcoming chances to help others.

March 12 - St. Baldrick's Head Shave to support cancer research and awareness. Join any team, join Max Allen's team (see address below), donate, or cheer for the shavees at St. Albert the Great School on March 12, 2016 from 6-9pm. The website link for the team sign up or to donate is

March 18 - April 14 Donate old shoes to Waterstep. No shoe "too used" or "too old". Even shoes without pairs are accepted. Fifth grade will take the donated shoes on our April 15 field trip to see the water purifying process.

March 25 - Mock Refugee Camp postponed until 2018. The kids can look forward to participating in this eyeopening simulation in seventh grade.

April 21 - Fifth grade will take donated deodorant or bars of soap to WeDay. The WeDay staff will make welcome bags for newly arrived refugees. More information will come when the event gets closer.

Thanks for all the ways you help others!

Physical Education

The 5th grade has had a wonderful month of February. Aside from doing exercise outside of school hours for Healthy Heart Month, the 5th grade has also been very active in class. We have had units on fitness development and talked about the four components of fitness: Cardiovascular Endurance, Muscular Endurance, Muscular Strength and Flexibility. We do exercise involving each of the components and discuss how that would help our health and fitness. The 5th grade has also covered units in active games, Off the Wall, Team Handball and Floor Hockey. We love the energy that the 5th graders bring to class and we love their excitement and enthusiasm!


In spite of February being a short month, it has been a very fruitful month in Spanish class. Students have continued using adjectives to talk about the personality of others and themselves. Also, we celebrated the 100 years and the 100 days of Collegiate.

Click here to see students work.


5th grade artists are finishing up cone figure and initial ceramics projects. Students are glazing their pieces in preparation for their final firing.