What to Know, Before You Go...

Issue I, Volume II - March 2013

Welcome, Camp Starlight Staff of 2013!

We want to help you be prepared for the best summer of your life at Camp Starlight! We’re planning on staying in touch by e-mailing you updates, reminders, and important information before you arrive. We hope you are getting excited about camp…

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Get organized online!

Be sure to login to your Camp Minder account to update all forms.(http://campstarlight.com/login.php). All of the forms have deadlines and you will also find important information online. Questions? Call us at (561)-296-1001.

Travel to Camp

You’ll want to start looking at flights if you haven’t already booked yours! Below are the specific dates everyone is needed at camp:

Support Staff

June 9th – 7:00pm EST

Waterfront Staff (Boating, Swim Instructors, Waterskiing)

June 10th – 6:00pm EST

Outdoor Adventure (Ropes, Outdoor Living Skills, Mountain Biking)

June 12th – 6:00pm EST

Arts & Crafts Staff

June 12th – 6:00pm EST

Dance Staff

June 12th – 6:00pm EST

Assistant Division Leaders

June 12th – 6:00pm EST

All Other Staff

June 15th – 5:00pm EST


We will have a conference room reserved for you to wait for the bus and store your things.

· When flying, LaGuardia Airport is best to fly into. JFK Airport is an option as well. You will just have to get to the hotel before the pick up time.

· We recommend utilizing bing.com/travel to track flight prices. Travel forms are now live in Camp Minder. Please fill these out ASAP so we know how you plan to get to camp.

· A ride board will be organized in our Facebook group, 2013 Camp Starlight Staff for those looking for a ride or passenger to camp. We will start this up online in April.

Friends, Friends, Friends...

If you haven’t already, add Jobs at Camp Starlight on Facebook to join the Camp Starlight Staff 2013 group! You can join the conversation and excitement for the best summer yet! You can also follow us on Twitter @starlightjobs and Instagram @campstarlight_official for more updates!