Summer Sightings

Choose Your Own Adventure ~ June 16, 2016

Week Two - June 20-24

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Nuts and Bolts

As we wrap up Week One and begin Week Two there are a few things to remember:

  • Badges work starting at 7:00 a.m.
  • If you don't have a badge, you can come through the SAC doors and KidzU will let you in the building.
  • Please don't park in the front of the building. You can park in any of the other lots closer to your room or by the SAC! There are badge readers on those doors as well.
  • Arrival time is 8:00 for morning classes and 12:00 for afternoon classes.
  • Come to the office first to sign in, pick up your folder with a Class List & Attendance Sheet, check out iPads/Remotes, order your Sonic Drink for Wednesdays!
  • Volunteers must also sign in and out each day. Remember they must have a background check and be 14 or older. Please talk to me if you plan on having a volunteer. There will be stickers for the Volunteers. Also, please remember that volunteers are not supposed to be left alone with students.
  • Come to the SAC at 8:20/12:20 to greet your students and walk them down to your room. Please be sure that you are on-time!
  • Don't forget to come by the office at the end of your class to sign out and turn in your folder and technology. If you have an afternoon class also, then you need to get a new folder.

Lesson Plans

Don't forget to share your lesson plans with me! You can share them through Google Drive (easiest for me) or email them!




I will be leaving Thursday, June 23rd about 3:30 and will be gone on Friday. I will be on the road to Arkansas to take my daughter to Harding for a 2-week college camp. Please be sure that all PAs are signed and turned in to the office and I will see you all on Monday, June 27th!

If you need to be absent, please let me know ASAP so that I can arrange a substitute for your class. We have several folks that would love to sub and I'm happy to help you find someone.


Head Counts for Doors

In order to help us track kiddos, please fill out the Class Head Count sheets in your folders and place on your door frame with the magnet in first 15 minutes of your class. For Week 2 they are on bright green paper. (No more orange) You just have to put the name of your class at the top, the number of students actually present and with you and the names of the kiddos that are absent and those that are in your room, but not on your roll. Then you can keep your attendance sheet for dismissal. If you have any questions, just let me know!

Attendance - Don't forget to mark the attendance sheet in your folder. (In/Out/Absent)

Student Supervision - Licensing Rules

  • Students must be supervised at all times.
  • They cannot leave the classroom on their own for any reason.
  • Try to take a restroom break as a class at least once. For all other emergencies, please contact the office and we'll send a runner to help/escort/etc. (Extension 4949 or 5206)
  • If you need a quick break, give us a call and we'll come down to supervise your class.
  • Volunteers cannot be left alone with students. If you need to run an errand, you need to send the volunteer and you stay with the kiddos.

Dismissal Procedures

So...the craziest time of the day is dismissal.

Please walk all of your students to the C hallway and come down by the copy room, nurse, etc. DO NOT come down the hallway by the stage please. Drop off your KidzU students (PM wrap for morning class or late care for afternoon class) at the corner and then continue up the steps with the rest of your students. The students staying for lunch and an afternoon class need to go to the cafeteria line and then you walk outside with the rest of your kids that are car riders. Please be sure that you stay with your kiddos until they are released to a parent. If they aren't picked up by about 11:40 (3:40), please bring them in the office and we'll call.

If you have any questions about dismissal, let me know!