Academic Skills Camp, Weeks 5 and 6

Here's what we learned Friday, March 11 and 18!

NOTE: I am sending an update in advance for two weeks since we are on Spring Break March 21-25. We will have our LAST group meeting Thursday, March 31. A celebration to end our time is TBD.

What we worked on in Week 5:

  • We discussed how well we currently keep track of assignments, and played a "Schedule Memory Game" to determine how well we could remember assignments and other important dates and information only in our head. Most students remembered about half of the example schedule.
  • We looked at various iPad agenda/homework tracking apps students can use for FREE, such as School Plan, Complete Class Organizer, and My Homework. If student's iPad are locked down due to grades they can utilize Reminders to track assignments, and most group members reported preferring this anyway. Paper and pencil also always works too! :)
  • Students determined at least 1-2 ways they could improve in this area using a "How to Use Your Daily Planner" checklist.

How you can help at home:

  • Ask your student what method they will use to keep track of assignments, remind them to consistently use this method (this will take several weeks), and check that they are using it periodically.

What we will work on in Week 6:

  • Students will assess how well they take notes using a note-taking inventory.
  • Students will learn how to take effective notes using the Cornell method, and will practice individually or in pairs using this method.

How you can help at home:

  • Ask your student what they learned today. Ask how they feel with this method and encourage them to follow up with myself and/or teachers if they need support.

Next week's lesson: Reflection and Graduation