Third Grade Rocks

Folsom ES Dec. 7-11


Over the next two weeks the students will continue to develop all 4 operational (add,sub.,mult.,divide) skills while enhancing problem-solving strategies. The students will interpret multi-step word problems involving multiple operations and identify the processes needed to solve them.

We are continuing our multiplication fact fluency with practice in class as well as 40 minutes per week at home. There will be a fact fluency quiz every Friday over the facts for the week. It is very important that your student is able to recall, with automaticity, all facts up through 10 x 10. Thank you for all your support at home to help your student reach this goal!

CUBES- Math Strategy



Students will be working on making inferences, drawing conclusions, and making generalizations. All 3rd graders will become experts at using their schema and text clues to make inferences while they read.

Students will also be comparing themselves to someone who is influential that they know (mom, dad, grandparent, special friend...) to themselves. They have been studying the reason people are chosen for biographies and will use those skills to interview that person.


Students will be learing how prepositions make their writing easier to understand.


Students will continue to compare short vowel patterns to long vowel patterns. They are focusing on long vowels made by the CVCe pattern and the CVVC pattern.

Making Inferences - Partly Cloudy


Forces of Nature - Students will use a variety of models and information resources to demonstrate and investigate how geologic forces of nature cause rapid changes to the Earth's surface.

Social Studies

Culture- How is art influenced by culture?

Student will be learning about Kadir Nelson and Tomie dePaolo and will analyze their art to identify and discuss how their cultures have influenced their work.

Your Need To Know...

  • Café Contest

The cafeteria is having a contest for students who eat breakfast every morning the week of the 12th.

  • Giving Trees

There are three Giving Trees ready for donations. The front office is hosting a tree that will be filled with action figures and toy fashion dolls, the cafeteria tree will be filled with socks and underwear and the library is hosting an Angel Tree for specific family needs. Each of the Giving Trees are ready for donations. Our collections will go to Cornerstone Assistance Network who serve our neighbors in need. We would like to make the donations by Monday, December 14. Thank you from the start for your giving spirit and warm hearts!!!

  • Fall/Winter Attire

Please have your child wear appropriate coats, shoes, hats, etc. If the wind chill is above 32 degrees, we will have outside recess.

  • Six Flags Read to Succeed Form

Your child came home with a Six Flags’ Reading Log earlier this week. In order to receive a free ticket to Six Flags, your child must log 6 hours of reading. You can read books, magazines, etc. Forms are due February 12th. Happy Reading!

  • Keep Reading for Book It Coupons

Reading time can count towards Six Flags and Book It; just sign both forms!