More Than an Average Person

Davis A.

My Hero

My hero is my grandpa. He was born in Philadelphia in a small coal mining town. His father was a coal miner and it the chance for my grandpa to have a good, productive life looked slim. He joined the army to be able to pay for college. He then went to world war 2. He was a ball turret gunner on a b-52 during World War 2. He learned very many life lessons while overseas and those helped him get through college and become a doctor.

A Hero Is...

The dictionary definition of hero is "a person noted for feats of courage or nobility of purpose, especially one who has risked or sacrificed his or her life." But really, you do not need to wear a cape or risk your life. You just need to be a good person that people can look up to with confidence. You do not always need to make the right decisions or save people from a fire, you just need to be a person who helps other people when they are in need of help.

A hero is a citizen volunteering for the army to make the country a safer place. Imagine the courage it takes to leave your family and life behind to risk your life for your country. Would you have the strength or bravery to leave life as you know it to go to a hostile country and fight for your life? They must muster up all of their courage to leave their home, their family, and all of their friends to join the army and protect their country. It takes unthinkable courage to drop everything, and join the military. That is why they are heroes.

A hero is a babysitter protecting the kids when a burglar breaks in. When the burglar bursts through the door, knife in hand, the babysitter grabs the kids and put them in the closet. The babysitter calls the police and protects the kids. Think of the terror on the kid’s faces when they realize the danger they are in. But also imagine the joy when the police come and the robber gets arrested. Imagine the courage of the babysitter to put the kids lives before his/her own life.

As one can see, a hero does not need to be a war hero or the mvp of a professional football team, they just need to be a good person with good morals. While the dictionary definition is true, there are many different kinds of heroes. After all, anyone can be a hero, good or bad. Even you can be a hero to someone!

What I Believe In

From my interview, you may think that I should stand for the other view, but in reality I want the driving age to stay at sixteen. It has been an argument for years, and it will not stop any time soon, but the driving age should stay the same age that it has been for more than fifty years. It is not fair and the teenagers will still have to get experience from driving even if they are older when they start driving.

People will still have to go through driving courses and learn the fundamentals of the driving age is moved to eighteen or higher, they still have to get experience from driving. Northern Star states, "As with most things, driving is a skill that has to be learned. It's not a textbook exercise, but one that develops as experience builds. People can be told how to maintain control of their car, but until that roadside hedge nearly becomes a catcher's mitt, nothing truly substantive can be learned." (Northern Star) This evidence shows that even if the driving age is changed, they still have to get experience to properly learn to drive. Many people think that if the age is changed that people will automatically learn to drive just because they are older. All in all, the driving age is not a malleable thing and it is an urban legend when people say that just because people are older and more mature, they will be automatically better drivers.

Is it truly fair to the teenagers if the age is raised? No, it is not. According to the "Edmond Sun" school newspaper, "Santa Fe High School senior Madison Wilkinson said she understands the statistics and the reasons behind the desire to raise the legal driving age, but for teens fairness becomes an issue." (Edmond sun) This shows that even though there might be evidence that teenagers are worse drivers, it is unfair that they would not be able to drive if they are 17 or 16. The teenagers have been looking forward to being able to drive for their whole life but then if it is changed, they have to wait two more years or more to be able to get their license.

Some may think that the driving age should be raised because teens are bad drivers, but in reality they will still need to get all the experience if they are older when they start driving. According to, "It’s an unfortunate truth, but auto accidents are the leading cause of death among teenagers. A 16 year old is almost twice as likely to die in a car crash than a 30 year old." This shows that teenagers are more reckless and more likely to get in a car crash than an older individual, making them less safe and worse drivers.

On the contrary, just because they start driving later does not mean that they will be automatically better drivers. They still have to get experience from driving for a long time. According to northern star, "Beyond the logistics, becoming a smart driver is wholly experiential, and gaining that experience at a young age would be the same as at 30, never mind 18." This shows that you need experience and even if you start at age eighteen, it will be no different, they will still be the worst drivers on the road. It is a bad argument when you say they will be better just because they are older when they start to drive.

All in all, the driving age is not malleable and it should stay at the same age as it has since the early 1900's. The solution to the problem of teens being bad drivers is to have stricter driving tests and to require more hours of driving to get your license, not to raise age you get your license at.

A Hero Out of My Reach

You do not always need to make the right decisions or save people from a fire, you just need to be a person who helps other people when they are in need of help. My untouchable hero is Ronald Reagan and he was originally an actor and then he turned to politics. He was first the governor of California and then he was the 40th president of the United States. Ronald Reagan fits my definition of a hero because of his leadership skills and his perseverance.

Ronald Reagan is a true hero because he was a great president and he got us out of the Cold War. He got the U.S out of the Cold War and he got Mikhail Gorbachev to tear the Berlin Wall down. According to Strategic Defense Initiative, "During the 23 March 1983 televised address Reagan conceded to the American public that a shield composed of either land- or space-based weapons defending against a nuclear attack was a dream, but he nevertheless characterized SDI as the centerpiece of his administration's defense policy." This shows that Ronald Reagan was working to get America ready for the war by trying to develop weapons that, if necessary, could stop a nuclear attack from Russia. My research proved that Ronald Reagan was a true hero.

Ronald Reagan, my untouchable hero, is similar to my Grandoc, my personal hero, because they are both great people who help others. First of all, my Grandoc was a doctor and he was in the military. In the military, he was a ball turret gunner for the United States. Ronald Reagan was also a great person and he pulled America through an economic crisis. Ronald Reagan and my Grandoc are both heroes because they help others be the best they can be.

I've learned from my two heroes that you have to take the initiative and do something for society if you feel that an idea or program is unjust. You have to do what you need to make society a better place.

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