Belgian Americans

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Belgian Americans

Why did the Belgians leave Belgium?

They came to America because they wanted a better life style and they could not get a lot of money as easy as we do today. Also they left because of the great potato famine witch was the main reason, and to get better farm lands.


Belgians were hoping for what ever job that they could find as long as it payed money.


paintings,they wore western-style clothes,the Belgians were mainly catholic.

Where the Belgians settled

Brown county,Kewaunee,Door county, and Green Bay.

Difficulties on there journeys

There journey was hard a lot of people felt home sick,sea sick,alone,sad,disappointed,mad,discouraged, and unworthy.

First year in America

Belgians first year in America was not easy. They first had to go to Ellis island and if they did not pass they would be sent back home to Belgium. Ounce they would pass all of the testes there was a rejoicing area where they would would meet family friends or maybe nobody. Well now they had to find a job and some people only got payed 50 cense an hour and the jobs were horrible like building railroads,farming women worked in factories and made clothing,blankets, and shoes not very good jobs to have.

My recipe Kolaches


My greatgrandma used to make these from scratch but my grandma now makes them the quick and easy way and my mom says, “they’re just as good”.

Dough Ingredients:

2 loaves of Rhodes Frozen Sweet Dough

2 sticks of melted butter (will be spread on edges of baked kolaches while still warm)

Place each frozen loaf of bread in an oiled bread pan, cover with a towel and let rise to double in size. You can do this the night before and bake in the morning or begin to thaw the dough in the morning and bake later in the afternoon or evening.

When the dough has doubled in size punch it down and let rise a 2nd time.

Pinch off 1” balls and place on greased cookie sheet about 3” apart. Cover and let rise another 15-20 minutes. Make a depression in center of each ball for your filling. The outside edge of the dough should only be ¼ to ½” thick.

Filling Ingredients:

2 cans of pie filling (I like cherry)

When your kolaches are ready for the filling add your favorite

Topping Ingredients (optional)

8 oz.​Cream Cheese (softened)

2 ​Eggs (one whole egg, one yolk from the second egg)

½ C​Sugar

If you like a cream cheese center, you can beat cream cheese with eggs and sugar. Place a small portion in the center of each fruit filled kolache before baking. I like to put some whipped cream in the center of mine but you have to wait until they are cool and ready to eat.

Set your oven to 400°. Start baking on the bottom oven rack for 10 minutes and then raise to the middle rack for 5 minutes or until golden brown. When you move the first pan to the middle rack, you can add another pan to the bottom rack but, be sure to watch the time. Remove from oven and brush outside crust with melted butter.

Why I chose Belgium

Why do you think I chose Belgium? Well I chose Belgium Because I really wanted to learn it was on my mom's side of the family and I hope you get interested and want to learn more!!

Fun Facts!

The northern Belgians speak Flemish and the southern speak Walloon

During the day when the children are not at school the children skated, sledded, and played ball

15 percent of Belgium's population or 1.6 million people are immigrants

And many more interesting things