Earth Day

What can you do to save our planet this Earth day?

History of the Holiday

Earth day was first celebrated on April 27, 1970, after senator Gaylord Nelson decided that he thought that something needed to be done about our Environment. He started fighting in 1962 and fought until what is now a national holiday, Earth Day. Gaylord Nelson was realizing that more and more people were harming our environment, and he needed to do something about it. He went to Washington D.C. where he would try to convince Pres. John F. Kennedy to help him to stand up for the environment.nelson was later elected senator of Wisconsin, and succeeded in his plan to save earth which is why very year on April 22, we celebrate Earth Day.
The History of Earth Day

how you can help out

All around the world people are starting to celebrate Earth Day! there are many ways that you can celebrate this. You can go around with some friends and pick up the trash around your neighbor hood. if you cant do this you could even just look around the next time you go out, pick up any trash that you see on the ground.Also don't forget to look at the different colors on the trashcan. If the trashcan is blue only put paper, plastic or anything else that you can recycle in it.
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why you should stop littering

Did you know that when people did a five year study on water debris, 238,103 debris items were collected. they found that almost 50% of that was from things such as plastic bags, balloons, and straws. part of the reason we celebrate earth day is to help prevent Global warming. Global warming is the effect of people littering. this is happening because when people liter they are damaging the ozone. the ozone is the layer on the outside of earth that acts as earths sunscreen to protect us from the strong rays of the sun.if people keep littering the ozone will be destroyed and we will have no protection from the sun. some of the most polluted countries are Nigeria, Russia, Argentina, Indonesia, Ukraine etc.
facts about ozone,debris, and ways to stop littering.

This website can tell you where pollution is and what it will do to us. Also, what it is doing to all marine animals.