Lord of the Flies

By: Dom Bazzone

Types of Government

There are many different types of government that have been used throughout history. One type of government is a democracy. A democracy is a government that is run by the people. The main power is from the people or elected agents. Another type of government is a Republic. A Republic is where the power lies in the people's vote. They choose their representatives by voting for them in the elections. Another type of government is a monarchy. A monarchy is a type of government where all the power lies with one person known as the monarch. The type of government which Jack's tribe represented was the monarchy and Ralph's was represented by Democracy.




Type of Government I would use for my Island

The type of Government I would use for my Island would be a republic. I would choose this because it would be most fair to the people. They would get to choose who they want in charge of the group and someone cannot just take over. A leader is chosen by whoever gets the most votes to become leader. The leader would then separate the groups into subgroups and pick what groups they go to. The fastest would become hunters. The strongest would help build the shelters. The rest would make sure we had a fire going and had enough food. Everyone has to help each other out. If there is any fighting in the group they will be punished. I would enforce my rules by punishing the people that broke them by building a little jail shelter that they couldn't break out of. The people will vote on how long you will have to stay there for the rule that you broke.


Historical Example of Country/Government Conflict

A good example of a country/government conflict is Vietnam. More than 3 million people were killed during this conflict. A lot of land was destroyed because they would move the position they battle and would battle both in northern and southern Vietnam. After the U.S. government withdrawal in 1973 Vietnam was unified into a communist country. This is very similar to Lord of the Flies. In the story they split off into two groups and were always kind of fighting each other. That is the same as the Vietnam war. They both split up because they wanted different things for the groups. "


Current Political Conflict

Democrats support gun control while more conservative people support gun rights. Anytime there is a shooting democrats will try to pass new gun like for better background checks and possibly even just banning them. I believe there should be better background checks, but no control on them. In the constitution it says that you have the right to bear arms. The government is trying to take that away.



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