Enrichment Update!

Week of February 1st

This Week's Events!

Monday: School Buzz Interviews about Science Fair

Tuesday: Life Chats "More"

Wednesday: Code Breaking and Youth & Government

Thursday: Movie Makers

Friday: Good Deed Club: Craft for WHS theme

Fantasy Geopolitics Update

Movie Makers

We are working on movies for the Meridian Stories challenge. So far, students are working on Six Word Micro Memoirs, First Encounters, Climate Rap Battles and A Book Without Beginning or End.

Code Breakers

We are up and running! There is great enthusiasm about solving Crytoquotes. This past two weeks, we have been solving ones about the brain. New ones are on their way this Wednesday!
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Good Deed Club

We have extended our Used Sports Equipment drive through the beginning of March, because the shipment to Ghana was delayed with all that snow.

We met with Mr. Casey to learn about needs for veterans and families of veterans.

Next week, we will be working on a craft to help with the younger schools!

Last Call for Artists' Corner Entries!!!! :)

But I still need a few community members who would be willing to judge. Email me if you're interested!