Indoor Air Pollution.

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Sick building syndrome (indoor air polution)

Sick building syndrome is a syndrome that affects the building making it unhealthy to work in the actual building that can be caused by a lot of different ways but one of the main ways would be poor ventilation systems, because a lot of fungi and germs thrive in humid, tight spaces such as a ventilation system. An easy way to tell that you have sick bulling syndrome would be simply taking a walk around the building. Many scientist say that it's not an actual syndrome and there are no clear causes of this actual syndrome.

Out door air pollution

Out door air pollution is caused in a lot of ways, like burning fossil fuel, using pressurized hair spray, and even camp fires.

what is indoor air pollution ?

Indoor air pollution is basically what it sounds like, the polluting of indoor air quality. Air is easily polluted in todays day and age because the younger generations don't know any better. For example what you think twice about using Axe body spray or the lattes and greatest, perfume yeah me either. But little did i know that with every spray the more polluted the air gets because im spraying concentrated short burst of chemicals into my house.

Some major air pollutants

According to Canada's health original health analysis the five most dangerous air pollutants would be particulates, ozone, and nitrogen dioxide (NO2), as well as sulfur dioxide (SO2), and carbon monoxide (CO).
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some major Indoor air pollutants (indoor)

Some common and dangerous examples of indoor air pollutants would be radon which is a odorless, colorless gas thats found just about everywhere in low amounts. Another Vary familiar pollutants would be second had smoking, which is basically burning tobacco that contains over 4,700 different chemicals. And lastly and maybe the most gross (in my opinion) Mold. Mold is a type of fungi that grows both indoor and outdoor, some types are harmless while some aren't so nice.
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