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  • Safer than traveling alone
  • Arrive to your destination quickly
  • Can make 60-70 miles a day
  • You can pick the stagecoach that most accommodates to your needs.
  • Travel with just your family or people you know.
  • Room for 9 passengers and people can sit on top.


  • The ride can be uncomfortable. (little leg room when filled to capacity)
  • Many hazardous conditions along the way
  • Can wear out along the way and break down.
  • You need horses to pull the stagecoach.
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HIstory and Inventors

It was made by J.S. Abbot and Lewis Downing in 1826. THe Concord stagecoach wasn't made until 1827, by the Abbot Downing Company. First used in America in 1827. Stagecoaches were used as regular transportation during the Civil War between St. Louis, MI and San Francisco, CA. Between 1827 and 1899 over three-thousand stagecoaches were made.
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Impact on ND

Stagecoaches brought many new settlers to North Dakota. It also made travel throughout North Dakota much easier than what travel had been. With the growing amount of settlers coming to North Dakota, it helped ND to become a state.


If stagecoaches were never made, North Dakota would not necessarily be as great of a state. Stagecoaches brought many people to ND, and helped to make it the great state that it is today. Without stagecoaches, ND may not even be a state, by thanks to them we are.

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