The Birch Tree Room

Our two year old room

Welcome to Our Two Year Old Room

Curriculum Focuses of the Birch Tree Room

Emphasis on discovering science through nature

Art projects

Self care such as toileting, hand washing, dressing for outdoor play,
Concepts learning including patterns, in front of/behind, etc.

Reading with an emphasis on recognition & sounds


Social relationships with emphasis on kindness, sharing, & respect

What typically happens at 2 years...

Continue to work on fine and large motor skills- drawing, scissors, dance, and ball playing
  • Create structured role playing activities
  • Activities based from books
  • Discussions on differences in people and our appreciations for the differences
  • Encouraging positive relationships
  • Allowing natural consequences to actions to occur
  • Show awareness of gender identity
  • Indicate toileting needs
  • Help to dress and undress themselves
  • Be assertive about their preferences and say no to adult requests
  • Begin self-evaluation and develop notions of themselves as good, bad, etc
  • Show awareness of their own feelings and those of others, and talk about feelings
  • Experience rapid mood shifts and show increased fearfulness
  • Participate in simple group activities, such as singing, clapping or dancing
  • A typical day

    8:00a-Carpet time including calendar, songs, and reading

    8:30a-Breakfast Snack

    9:15a-Cirlce Time, songs

    9:30a-Feed the birds




    12:15p-Story Time/Nap


    3:45p-Circle Time/Free Time


    Rules & Regulations

    Employees are staffed in accordance to the schedule parents provide to the center. Please let staff know of any changes to your schedule a week in advance to allow for proper scheduling.

    A child with a fever of 100 degrees or greater cannot return to the center until the fever has subsided for a minimum of 24 hours without the use of medication.

    A child who has vomited or has had significant loose stool cannot be in attendance until 24 hours after symptoms have subsided.

    What should I bring?

    Please provide labeled bedding for your child. A crib sheet or sleeping bag is required. You may also bring pillows, blankets, and comfort objects.

    Please bring a labeled reusable water bottle for your child to use. The water bottle should be taken home regularly to wash.

    Please bring labeled and seasonally appropriate change of clothes for your child. Additionally, your child will need attire for outdoor play.

    Please provide diapers and wipes for your child if applicable.

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    Meet Ms. Katie

    Ms. Katie has many years of childcare experience. She has also worked as a children's librarian in Prairie Du Sac and Belleville. She lives in New Glarus, has two grown sons, and her cat Mrs. Roger Dollar. Before joining Ms. Katie the Growing Tree, worked at preschools in Madison. She loves her choice of career, and being apart of children's lives!