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A mother is a person who, seeing there are only four pieces of pie for five people, promptly announces she never did care for pie.

What is a mother?

Merriam-Webster's Dictionary defines a mother as "a female parent." If we're being technical, then absolutely. That definition could include both a biological, adoptive, or foster mother.

We know, though, that mothers are not confined to the three words of "a female parent." Mothers are nurses, chauffeurs, teachers, chefs, vets, therapists, soldiers, and advocates - before they leave the house to head to work!

Mothers are important figures in our lives and have been since time immemorial. One of my favorite stories from the Gospels is found in John 2 and is such a wonderful moment for Mary, the mother of Jesus. Jesus goes to a wedding in Cana and, unfortunately, the hosts run out of wine. Mary tells Jesus and he says, in the Message translation, "Is that any of our business, Mother - yours or mine? This isn't my time. Don't push me."

In an excellent moment, Mary...completely disregards him (the Son of God, you'll remember) and says to the servants, "Whatever he tells you, do it" as though he enthusiastically agreed. I like to imagine that Mary gave him the side-eye that my mother reserves for me and my sisters when we're being mouthy before proceeding as if we hadn't even spoken. And then, instead of making a scene, Jesus changes the water into wine - his first miracle - with no retort. It's a wonderful scene that brings a little humor and humanity to this unique family. I can relate to that scene in a way I can't with other moments in Mary and Jesus' relationship. I can hear the strains of loving motherhood here in this joyous wedding at Cana, and we certainly see the pains of motherhood when she stands at the foot of the cross. Mothers are powerful forces in our lives and even in the life of Christ.


Today, in many of our minds, Mother's Day is a day to celebrate our own mothers, a day filled with flowers and gifts, maybe a nice dinner out to your mom's favorite restaurant.

But, for many other people, Mother's Day is not a day of celebration. On Mother's Day, we also remember those women who long to be mothers but are unable to have children, for those mothers who have lost a precious child, for those estranged from their mothers because of trauma or distance, for those who have lost their mothers, for those who have never known their mothers.

We also remember those people who take up the role of mother. We give thanks to fathers who are both parents to their children, to relatives, neighbors, and friends who open their hearts and homes to those in need, for women and men who adopt and foster the many young children who long for a home. We celebrate their love and kindness and give thanks because, without them, the world would be a very different place.

So this Sunday make sure you take a moment to celebrate and give thanks for those in your life who have mothered you. They bless us, today and every day.

Upcoming Schedule

Sunday Morning Schedule

  • Middle School Sunday School, 9:15 AM (Youth Room)
  • High School Sunday School, 9:15 AM (Dale Hall Classroom)
  • Mother's Day Breakfast, 10:15 AM (Dale Hall)
  • Contemporary Worship, 11:00 AM (Sanctuary)

Sunday Evening Schedule

  • Praise Team Rehearsals, Tentative (look for information from Larisa!)

Wednesday Evening Schedule

  • VBS Craft Gathering, 7:00 PM (Youth Room)

Mother's Day

Moms: The Men's Bible Study would like to celebrate all the moms who make MPC great! Come enjoy some Mother's Day breakfast and fellowship in Dale Hall after the 9:15 service on Sunday!

There will be no Youth Group on Sunday, May 8! Praise Team members should look for information from Larisa about this week's rehearsal.

VBS Wednesday Nights

Our Vacation Bible School Coordinator – Pam Orr – would like to invite you all to join the children of MPC on Wednesday nights in May (7:00 – 8:00 PM) to begin working on VBS crafts! They will meet downstairs and will have several projects to work on.

VBS is a special time for MPC – it is a huge outreach event to our community and the youth are always a very important part of that week! So, come and join the Children’s Ministry Team for crafts and fellowship to prepare for this summer event!

Pentecost Sunday

In observance of Pentecost Sunday, we would like to encourage everyone to wear RED on Sunday, May 15 to signify the work of the Holy Spirit!

End of the Year Celebration

We're almost at the end of the school year which means we'll be gathering together to celebrate!

On Sunday, May 29, the church switches into summer mode with only one worship time! This means that Sunday School and Youth Group will end for the year on Sunday, May 22nd.

Instead of having our typical Youth Group on Sunday nights, we'll gather at the Sharbaugh's house from 5:00 PM to 8:30 PM for dinner and fellowship! This is a combined event for Middle and High School, so we hope you'll join us!

Keep an eye out for more information!

Summer Job Opportunity

Kirkwood-Brainerd Camp has several Summer Job openings for camp counselors (male and female), an Aquatics Director, and a part-time Administrative Assistant! You must be 18+ to apply for these positions. They would be great opportunities for High School Seniors or College students!

Kirkwood describes its staff as: "College-age, energetic, compassionate Christian role models." They are a "unique team of leaders who are ready to welcome every child into our community."

If you love kids and the outdoors, then camping ministry might just be for you! You can find out more about the camp and employment opportunities by clicking here. If you are interested, please email Liz or contact the camp directly.


Parents and Friends -

If you are interested in volunteering with the youth, either in Sunday School or Youth Group, please email Liz!

You are welcome to join us as often as you are able!

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Youth Program of Media Presbyterian Church

Media Presbyterian Church considers ministry to Youth and their families to be one of the most important ministries the Church can provide.

The Youth Ministry programs at MPC has long been a place that welcomes teenagers to embrace their questions and their struggles with faith in a healthy and safe environment.

The Youth Program is led by Ms. Liz Remelius, Director of Youth Ministries. Liz nurtures a deep love of education and believes that there is "a divine beauty in learning." She hopes that anyone who participates in MPC's Youth Ministry will be equipped to ask questions, search for answers, and turn that knowledge into action, both in the Church and the world.