KP Friday Focus

April 24, 2015

Upcoming Events


  • SBAC Testing Continues

Wednesday, April 29

  • Bugbee 5/6 Tour - 9 to 10AM
  • CSI - Collaborative Inquiry Series 2

Thursday, April 30

  • Drama Matinee/Senior Performance - 9:30 to 11:30AM
  • Drama Performance - 7:00PM

Friday, May 1
  • Drama Performance - 7:00PM

Saturday, May 2

  • Drama Matinee - 1:30PM

Stay Connected

In Case You Were Wondering Where KP Admin Is.

Tuesday, April 28 - Joy at Conference - 12 to 4PM

Thursday, April 30 - Joy at Leadership - 10 to 4PM Marc & Justin join Leadership at 1PM

All Things SBAC

All things SBAC including the schedule, team lists for testing with proctors and locations, Chromecart rotation, link to the Padlet Q&A, and TA Instructions can be found here:

Please note that all alternate proctors will be needed to help move Chromecarts near the conclusion of each testing session.

Thanks for tolerating the hullabaloo as we've planned to make this run as smoothly as possible.

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