A Little Bit Scary

by.Molly Horrigan

you may think that develiel is a litte bit scary but...

  • He helps pick up trash with his fork.
  • He gives others warmth from his fire.
  • He fly's and make's shore that people are nice.
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Good deeds

  • He gives warmth to his friends.
  • He fly's and make's shore girl's and boy's.
  • He always help's you for anything.


  • He go's and play's soccer
  • He love's to go and gets shoeshe.


  • He play's a bunch of sport's like laxcross.
  • He try's to cook but he is not so good.
  • He does a dram club and dose a bunch of play's

Devele favorite things

  • he loves to jump on the taraplen.