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Kelsey Rose Brown

What kind of maker am I?

In seventh and eighth grades, I attended a magnet school that emphasized projects and hands-on learning. I made dioramas, posters, mobiles, brochures, models, PowerPoints, and books weekly. This model of learning allows students creativity while they are learning core content materials. Additionally, I became so much better at problem-solving, time-management, working independently and in a group, leadership, and presentation skills because of it. I love the idea of students creatively working towards a goal - especially when it comes to nontraditional hands-on classroom methods - and am very excited to work on designing Maker Kits this semester.

January 15 - Paper Circuits

View instructions for TapeTricity Cards here

January 29 - Makey Makey

Visit Makey Makey's website here

January 5 - Carbon Light Bulb

Language-Rich Science

Our guests from the Department of Educational Theory and Practice really got me thinking about language-rich science, especially in discussing their LISELL-B grant. One of our maker space kits will be tailored to the grant's ideas specifically, but it would certainly be worthwhile to use the language-rich principles in our other kits as well. It is important to incorporate academic language in our maker space recipes, along with proper contextual evidence for students who may not be familiar with words like execute, evaluate, analyze, or hypothesis, just to name a few. As we learned with our light bulb lesson, scaffolding instructions becomes very important for English Language Learners in science. Starting with a drawing, answering questions in students' own words, and finally rewording answers in academic language ensures students the opportunity to fully understand and learn from the lesson. Our maker space kits will be successful if we are able to include these elements, along with the appropriate core content materials, into our kits.

February 16 - Barrow Elementary Teacher Maker Space

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February 19 - Barrow Elementary Maker Space

March 19 - Shrinky Dinks at Barrow Elementary

April 2 - Pop Up Maker Space at Tate

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